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Taking Your AI venture
to the Next Level

Specialized Program &  Change management for the AI space

About me

About me

I am a highly accomplished expert in Global Operations and Business Consultancy with 15 years’ experience and unlike many consultants, I have a hands-on approach and work side by side with you, your staff and stakeholders.

My clients have included startups, small and midsize companies, remote companies and on-site companies who wanted to transition and streamline their processes, large mergers, and the localization of Global companies in a variety of fields.

With my past experience as a COO, and Founder of a number of startups, I understand the importance of being extremely organized, for myself and for all in the company. I relish a smooth running business, full of happy people who understand what their role is and how to succeed in their positions.


"I am an expert in building processes, work flows, procedures and specialize in optimizing work practices which have resulted in the lowering of costs and maximizing the company profits to great success."




Remote & distributed teams/organizations

  • Developing fully remote teams & organizations process for success

  • Implement and lead OKRs and KPIs as part of a goal- oriented approach

  • Develop Management Processes and behaviors to fit a remote organization


Operations management

  • Streamlining processes

  • Defining and Implementing Procedures

  • Oversee daily operations to keep businesses on track

  • Translating Strategy into actionable goals and monetization expectations


Teams and culture

  • Recruitment, Training and Development of founding teams for start ups

  • synchronization and training for all departments and teams.

  • Building confidence and happiness in employees

  • Defining company culture and vision


Experts’ concierge service

  • Product Management, Development and Marketing

  • Code Development and Writing

  • Marketing Management, Digital and Social Media

  • Branding, Event Management and PR

  • Financial  and Legal Management

  • Creative, Designers and Content

How do we work together

My aim and objectives for your company is to work tirelessly with you, to achieve the goals and targets that have been outset, in order to grow and develop the business and to improve your success rates and reduce costs and risks.

After which, I enter the company for an agreed period of time, to help execute all actionable solutions and aid in developing the vision and objectives for your company, and help you reach your next level goals for your business.

I work by first discussing and listening to you, then offer professional analysis, intelligence, and guidance for you. I then work together with you, to build and create tailor-made processes and procedures specifically for your company.




Eran played an integral role in expanding our team globally. In a short time, he managed to unlock 2 major projects for us, which needed to get moving. He came in and collaboratively worked together with our Dev, Marketing & Product teams while giving them the tools to continue to work like that in the future.

If you’re looking for someone who can help your company reach its full potential, Eran is that person.

Ibrahim Aita, CEO
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